Price of a roof per m2

roof per m2

This price difference between roofing materials is not only related to the aesthetic aspect. The insulating quality of the material, its lifespan and the level of maintenance of the roof (required according to its type), are all criteria that determine the price of a roofing material and therefore the price of a roof per m2. .

Here is a summary of the prices of the different roofing materials per m2 and the presentation of an effective method to estimate the price of your roofing project . You will thus have all the elements in hand to calculate the price of your roofing project in 2023

The cost of roof ventilation systems and VMC

And of course the cost of the maneuver with the price of a roofing craftsman . For the year 2023, the hourly rate of a roofer is between 40 and 70 euros on average. Inflation obliges, the craftsmen of the building whose roofers must increase their price list.

It will be impossible to give you an accurate estimate of your roofing project without drawing up an estimate, because the elements to be taken into account are very different depending on your needs and your project.

However, we are therefore going to detail the rates and prices applied for the different possible areas of expenditure in a roofing project.

The best way to estimate your project is to ask a craftsman to draw up an estimate. Do not hesitate to contact our network if you would like a quote (all requests made via our form are of course free and without obligation).

A good way to give you an idea of ​​the cost of a roof and to determine the beginning of a budget range is to calculate the price of a roof according to the main pole of expenditure, namely the material. roof used.

The price of the roofing material per m2 will therefore allow you to determine the beginning of this budget range according to the surface of your roof. You will then have to take into account the cost of the various works that make up your project to estimate the cost of your roof.

How much does a clay tile roof cost?

As for the terracotta tile, it benefits from a good quality/price ratio. Prices vary depending on the quality of the terracotta used during manufacture. Count between 0.90 and 2 euros per tile . Knowing that for a tiled roof per m2 , you will need between 22 and 36 tiles . We can therefore estimate the cost of a terracotta tile roof per m2 between 19 and 72 euros per m2.

What is the lifespan of a tiled roof?

Tile manufacturers generally guarantee a lifespan of clay and concrete tiles between 25 and 40 years . Beyond these times, the tiles may experience some erosion. Treatments exist to limit erosion or other roofing problems such as the deposit of moss on your roof . The more serious the maintenance of your roof , the more you will keep your tiles in good condition.

Maintaining your tiles and your roof allows you to make significant savings by increasing the life of your roof . If your choice is for a tiled roof, I invite you to compare the difference between clay tiles and concrete tiles .

Price of a shingle roof per m2

Also called bituminous shingle, the shingle is a flexible and light material, composed of a sheet of asphalt felt (or bitumen). The shingle is a reliable and simple material to install. You can even consider installing your shingle roof yourself .

The price of a shingle roof per m2 is extremely attractive. Count between 10 and 15 € per m2 of shingle. Properly laid during roofing work, this roofing material holds the road perfectly.

Only problem: the energy performance of the shingle in terms of insulation is very limited. Used as a domestic roof, it is strongly recommended to carry out additional roof insulation. Also pay attention to the installation of the shingle , because poorly installed during the work, this material tears easily and can undulate due to the shrinkage effect due to frost or by the effect of expansion due to heat.

Thatched roof price per m2

Traditional roof made of straw or rye, the thatched roof offers a fairly pronounced rustic appearance to your home. Very good insulator, this type of roof is still fragile and requires regular roof maintenance. Regarding the price of a thatched roof per m2 , it takes about 120 € per m2.

Price of a steel roof per m2

Steel roofing is known to be strong and easy to maintain. Its price may vary depending on the color, type of paint and desired thickness. The price of a steel roof per m2 is between 20 and 40 euros per m2.

Practical to install, steel roofs do not however impose themselves as a reference for a domestic roof. The insulation performance of steel, both thermal and acoustic, is almost nil. Although some steel roofs on the market respond to these 2 issues in 2023. Maison en Travaux recommends the installation of a steel roof for ancillary buildings such as a garden shed or a workshop.

Price of a green roof per m2

The green roof or “eco roof” is a biological roof where vegetation and earth replace traditional roofing materials. The price of a green roof per m2 is around 60 euros.

Price of a wooden shingle roof per m2

Very aesthetic, but also very fragile, wood shingles are rarely used for domestic roofs. The price of a wooden shingle roof per m2 is around 30 euros per m2. This price can increase very quickly depending on the treatment and type of wood used for the wood shingle roofing work .

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