How do I enhance my eyebrows?

enhance my eyebrows

You look at your reflection in the mirror, and for some time, you notice that the beautiful line of eyebrows which drew your look begins to change? Over time, it is common to see signs of aging on your face, and the eyebrows are also affected by aging and sagging skin. Fortunately, it is not irremediable! We invite you to discover three techniques that will enhance your eyebrows.

How do I enhance my eyebrows?

Over the years, our reserves of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin diminish. The skin becomes less dense, less firm, less toned and sagging skin tends to become more and more visible. Drooping eyebrows are one of the consequences of aging and sagging skin. In addition, by dint of repeated muscle contractions, wrinkles and fine lines appear and certain areas of the face tend to sag. Over time, we can then see the shape of his eyebrows change: we see the tail of his eyebrows fall, we notice a loss of curve, or even a lowering of the eyebrows. And this will age the look and make it look sad and tired.

Tensor threads to raise the eyebrows: “fox eyes” or “cat eyes”

Tensor threads, resorbable because they are safer, act like a real medical facelift, without surgery. This type of treatment makes it possible to reposition the volumes of the face affected by slackening and sagging skin, by inserting tensor threads under the skin. The threads are inserted under the skin through a cannula. They immediately reposition the volumes while relaunching the production of collagen. Inserted from the scalp, these make it possible to raise the eyebrows for a “cat eyes” (or “fox eyes”) effect, thus stretching the gaze, without creating a fold.

The endoscopic facelift to revive my look

The facelift can also be interesting to raise the eyebrows and revive your look. A forehead lift in particular, makes it possible to tighten the skin of the forehead and the area from the temple to the eyebrow and thus raises the eyebrows. There are also mini-lift techniques for the eyebrows, less invasive than a full facelift, which are suitable for the first signs of sagging skin. The mini endoscopic lift (endobrow lift) allows faster recovery. Fewer scars, more precision thanks to a mini camera and video guidance of the surgical procedure (the famous endoscopic lifting). Unlike injections, the facelift is a cosmetic surgery operation with lasting and even definitive results for the eyebrows. The facelift to revive your look is an interesting solution when you suffer from significant sagging skin or want to opt for a more lasting solution than injections.

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