Brow lift: the eyebrow trend of the moment!

the eyebrow trend

Wearing a mask has led us to radically change our habits in terms of make-up. Exit the lipstick, from now on, we put everything on the look! And what better way to give character to your face than beautiful eyebrows… If your heart hesitates between the worked effect and the slightly wilder look, here you will find everything you need to know about the brow lift, the celebrity eyebrow trend!

The brow lift , also called ” brow lamination ” or ” permanent eyebrows “, is a beauty trend widely validated by Hollywood stars. Long gone are the days of ultra-plucked and sparse eyebrows! Today, the fashion is for thick, almost bushy eyebrows. Far from giving a neglected effect, the brow lift technique makes it possible to enhance each hair and then fix it with a permanent gel to keep it in this very vertical position. Enough to highlight your eyebrows without makeup and without going through more invasive methods such as microblading . In the blink of an eye, your eyebrows are denser,full of volume and your gaze instantly more open !

The “brow lifting” session: stages, price and duration

Indeed, we see the development of kits that allow you to perform your brow lift at home (in the same way that we find a lash lift or eyelash enhancement kit on Amazon). If the risks are less important when it comes to touching his eyebrows than his eyelashes or his eyes,we still advise you to turn to a professional. It will not be impossible for you to achieve a satisfactory result, however, it will necessarily take less time than if you have your treatment carried out in an institute. In the worst case, you risk pulling out a few hairs by handling the sticky products that fix your eyebrows upwards.

The studio process is much more reliable and uses two lotions that are kinder to your skin. It follows the following steps:

Brush the eyebrows:

The first step is of course to brush the eyebrows upwards to give them the desired shape. It may be necessary to cut some hairs if they are too long.

Open the cuticles:

Then, a first lotion will be applied to your eyebrows to allow the cuticles of your hairs to open to accommodate the treatment that will follow.

Soften the fiber:

This is where the care mentioned above comes in. A second lotion ( the permanent gel) is applied to soften the hair and allow it to keep the given position, that is to say flattened upwards.

Dye (optional):

If clients wish, it is possible to apply a tint to the eyebrows to make them darker and give even more character to your look.

Apply a treatment:

Finally, it is advisable to apply a treatment to nourish the hair sensitized by the chemicals used.

Hair removal (optional):

Depending on the natural implantation of your eyebrow, the beautician can remove some unwanted hair . Be careful, make sure that this gesture happens at the end of the session, because depilated skin will be too sensitive to the application of a chemical product!

On average, a brow lift session lasts between 40 minutes and an hour and the price is around 130 €. It is estimated that the result will last from three weeks to a month.

The brow lift: for whom?

As with the majority of other techniques to improve the appearance of the eyebrows, the brow lift is suitable for everyone. Whatever your hair color, the brow lift is a way to transform your look without (necessarily) going through the dye box, which can sometimes be a disappointment. In addition, the brow lift can be adopted by both women and men, thanks to its ultra-natural effect. If your eyebrows are unruly and complicated to style, this technique is for you!

What alternatives to transform my look?

The brow lift is therefore perfectly suited to those who want to open their eyes or bring more character to their face. This technique is also suitable for those who do not imagine having a tattoo on the face: indeed, the technique of microblading consists of making small incisions while injecting pigments. It is an extremely effective method for permanently transforming the eyebrow, but which may scare some people off by its invasive technique and its permanent appearance .

Not convinced by the brow lift? Do not panic ! There are still other methods to give your eyebrows a new look: have you considered henna tattooing ? This is the ideal technique to give the illusion of makeup eyebrows for a few weeks. You also have makeup , your best ally to get an intense eyebrow or doe eyes for a day. A good, well-sharpened pencil can help you redraw some missing hairs. The foxy eyes technique , on the other hand, will allow you to obtain stretched almond eyesupwards with a faded pencil line towards the tip of your eyebrow. Little tip, add a few fringes of eyelash extensions to the corner of the eye, to accentuate the enhanced effect of your makeup. Coupled with the brow lift, it’s the top model effect guaranteed!

The editorial’s opinion

On the editorial side, we are a fan of the brow lift! The balance between the styled and rebellious effect is perfect for determined, teasing, almost sassy personalities . A beauty technique to try at least once, and if you like it, to adopt urgently!

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