Benefits of Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet

An internet connection is a must and we cannot deny that!

But have you ever wondered which internet connection is the best out there? Well, according to the statistics, a fiber-optic internet connection is the best of them all.

How? We are here to elaborate on that.

Fiber Connectivity 101: Benefits of Fiber Internet

Fiber internet currently has 43% coverage nationwide. Providers such as CenturyLink offer high-end fiber internet connectivity to customers. CenturyLink is offering you feature packed fiber internet connection with speeds up to 940 Mbps.

Note that you can explore a variety of CenturyLink Internet deals; ensure that the offer that you are interested in is available in your area. Once you do so, you can take complete advantage of the fiber internet connection.

Now if you want to know how a fiber internet connection is ideal for you and your household, read along!

Internet Speed

It is known to be one of the fastest internet connections present out there. If you want to understand how fast fiber–optic internet connection is, here is what you should know.

So, light moves at 186,000 miles per second, which means fiber optic networks offer 1,000 megabits (one gigabit) per second. This makes fiber internet 10 times faster than a standard cable internet connection.

This makes it one of the perfect options for your home if you are searching for a high-speed internet connection for your household or work purposes.


CenturyLink guarantees 99.9% reliability in all internet plans. Now the fact that the provider offers both fiber optic and DSL with “Fiber in the Loop” gives it an edge to offer such a reliable connection to its customers.

Similarly, fiber optics also has an upper hand when it comes to infrastructure. The fibers are stronger than copper wires and less susceptible to extreme weather conditions.

On the other hand, the weather can stall or influence the copper wires and can disrupt the cable internet connection. Moreover, unlike copper wired/cable internet connection, fiber optic internet is also immune to electrical interference.


Have you ever noticed delays while opening a webpage or loading a picture or video on social media? These delays are known as latency. When you have a poor internet connection latency is inevitable.

However, a fiber internet connection eliminates any latency occurring in the connection. So next time when you upload or download a file, stream a video, or scroll through your social media, you can experience smooth connectivity with a fiber internet connection.

No Throttling

Anything that goes under excessive strain or usage, can break down. Especially when it comes to machines. Similarly, if an internet connection has too many users on it at one given time, the network can throttle.

It maybe happens on the weekends or any other time, and the outage can cause an extreme disturbance for whoever is using the line. ISPs lower the internet at peak hours, to prevent a permanent outage. This also leads to getting a low internet connection speed.

To prevent yourself from getting affected by the overload issues you can simply opt for fiber optic internet connections. The speed coming from the fiber lines is less susceptible to any overwhelming usage.

Symmetric Speed

Symmetric speed refers to a type of internet connection that delivers equal download and upload speed to its end user. Several DSL and cable internet connections come with asymmetric speed, which means that the upload speed that you are getting is lower than your designated download speed.

With a fiber optic internet connection, you only get symmetric speed. This is ideal for households and businesses who are looking for a consistent internet speed connection. You need to understand the importance of symmetric speed and opt for a plan that offers you a credible solution.

Signal Strength

There is no rocket science when it comes to strong internet signals in fiber internet connection. Since fiber optic internet is transmitting signals via light in the optic fiber lines, it is much faster than cable or DSL connections.

Secondly, cable and DSL connections are installed in the existing lines of cable TV and landline connections that are not as reliable as the new and underground infrastructure of fiber. Any extreme weather conditions or external issues can create problems with the copper wires. But with fiber, you can rely on the signal strength and enjoy an uninterrupted connection.

Easy Cloud Access

Nowadays, every business needs software up and running. Automating procedures, storing data, and managing operations, require access to the cloud. Fiber internet connection contains the speed and bandwidth capabilities that can carry out all cloud-based activities without any interruptions.

Unlike cable and DSL, you will find fewer delays and almost zero outages to deal with. From customer relationship management (CRM) tools to your software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools and other tools, a fiber optic internet connection can be a perfect solution that you can rely on.

Fiber Internet Connection: Cursory Overview

A fiber optic internet connection is ideal for users who are looking for a reliable, fast, and futuristic internet solution. Many providers including CenturyLink and a few others, are offering enticing fiber internet plans for you.

Ranging from 940 Mbps, fiber optic internet plans gains the capability of offering gig-speed internet speed for multiple devices at a time. The fiber optic cables allow data to be transferred at 70% of the speed of light.

If you go for CenturyLink internet plans, you will get a 100% fiber network that can add value to your daily life at an exponential level. Because you are getting the best type of fiber internet connection for yourself.

Types of Fiber Optic Internet

To break it all down, here are the different types of fiber internet that offers different speed:

Fiber-to-the-node (FTTN)

The fiber internet connection type known as “Fiber-to-the-Node” (FTTN) is the slowest internet among all other types. This is because the cables can only reach within one mile of a location.

Fiber-to-the-curb (FTTC)

The fiber internet connection type known as “Fiber-to-the-Curb” (FTTC) is an accessible connection that can get outside of your house to the utility pole. From there the coaxial cable takes over and distributes the connection to you.

Fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP)

If you are seeking the optimal level of benefit from a fiber internet connection, then “Fiber-to-the-Premises” (FTTP) is the perfect option for you. It is the fastest and the most reliable fiber internet connection that you will come across.

This is because it will come directly to your door, and you will get a 100% fiber network. You just have to make sure that before you make up your mind, you visit Buy TV Internet and enter your zip code. You will come across every plan that is available at your location.

The Bottom Line

A fiber optic internet connection is perfect for anyone who is looking for a reliable internet connection. You can choose the plan that suits your need and make sure that you are investing in the right ISP like CenturyLink so that you get the results that you want.

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