Designing ASustainable Home- The Benefits of Using Fiberboards

Benefits of Using Fiberboards

As a part of society, working professionals are undertaking their corporate social responsibility to make this place a better world by recycling, reusing, and repurposing conventional trends and making something useful out of them. While the media is focusing more on business firms to incorporate and adopt more sustainable operation processes, our homes are in the shadows lagging in the race of helping save our planet.

As responsible humans, we must make the responsible decision to make our surroundings more sustainable. Thus, our duty and responsibility for making a sustainable environment should also begin from home. And for this, there is no better way than redesigning your home with fiberboards.

What exactly is a Fiber cement board?

Unlike other materials, a Fiber cement board uses all-natural products and a tiny fraction of synthetic. These sheets are made out of wood shavings, wood residue, tree fibers, and most importantly cement and cellulose fibers. These boards help in recycling by incorporating other recyclable contents like portland cement along with glass all of which are then bound together with synthetic glue and compressed into stiff panels.

To give these panels, it passes through high pressure and heat so that the adhesive can tightly integrate the components and keeps the panel intact.

High durability and tolerance against impact

These boards are highly durable. You can create any robust structure or furniture for the house with these boards. It can withstand high impacts as they are hard and do not break down that easily. This is due to the high pressure exertedduring the manufacturing process that makes them highly dense.

This density allows the material to be impervious to any damage upon impact. They are structurally stable and can hold a substantial amount of weight without cracking. The adhesive used lasts for a very long amount of time, which makes them long-lasting. Hence, you need not change the boards very often.

Thermal and sound insulation

When it comes to sustainability, anyone would think of power-efficient home appliances like air conditioners. It is essential to note that you can increase the overall efficiency of your A.C. with these fiber boards. The boards are highly thermally insulated, which means that they do not let the outside hot temperature penetrate the cool air-conditioned room. Allowing you to conserve energy in the long run.

Moreover, these boards have unique properties of absorbing vibrations that prevent any sound or noise from going outside or coming inside. Thanks to this you will be contributing from your end to prevent noise pollution.

Extremely lightweight

Compared to other boards with the same strength, these boards are as light as a stick. While other boards require extra attention, labor, and transport costs, these boards reduce the use of these resources. With this lightweight material, the construction or renovation work gets finished in a fraction of the time. With such a lightweight build, fiber boards are easy to handle and they reduce the chance of mishaps during construction to a great extent.

A Paint friendly product

The surface of these boards is smooth, however, it is rough enough to hold the paint firmly and allows the paint to stick for a very long duration of time. The paint does not get faded easily. Hence, these boards not only save you from the hassle of frequent renovation but also save you from repainting too.

Cost efficient

Cement boards are manufactured by incorporating recyclable materials. These boards are highly pocket friendly and fit your budget. The boards, unlike wooden boards, save you money on other complementary goods like paint, installation cost, and logistics.

Final Overview

So, these were some of the many benefits of fiber boards. If you are planning to design your new home or thinking about renovating your home, then do consider using these fiber boards offered by premium companies such as CenturyPly.

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