What are the advantages of using a BMI calculator?

BMI calculator

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for leading a disease-free healthy life. But the question arises, is there any tool available for determining whether the body weight of a person is in the right range or not? Though the BMI calculator may not the sole tool, it is an effective one for maintaining or reaching optimum health levels. The following are the advantages of the BMI calculator-

  1. Screening for obesity- Measuring exact body fat can be complex and expensive. But BMI calculator is a non-expensive tool that helps measure obesity in people. This tool is simple to use that is readily available online. By just inputting two values of weight and height, one can find out about their health. Higher values indicate the person is overweight and is at risk of developing diabetes, and joint or gallbladder issues. People with higher BMI values need to improve their lifestyle to bring their body weight into the ideal range. Along with a well-balanced diet, proper exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy weight and improving the quality of life. Short-term diets may help us to lose weight quickly but impact are bodies negatively.
  2. Helps in research- For any research, researchers need a quick and convenient tool for data collection. The BMI calculator is one such tool that helps Researchers efficiently draw the BMI values of a large group of people. Using the gathered data, they can determine the cause of the obesity epidemic. They analyse the diet pattern of individuals that results in them being overweight. Once the research is complete, statisticians can launch prevention campaigns for raising awareness among people.
  3. Important tool for health insurance- People with extreme BMI values are marked as unhealthy. The probability of obese or underweight individuals visiting hospitals for getting their health issues treated is more than those with an ideal body weight. The BMI values help insurance companies to make these predictions and they accordingly charge high premiums for managing frequent hospital and medical expenses. People on two extreme ends of the spectrum should sign up for Medical insurance to stay future-proof.
  4. Treating underweight- Quick assessment of people can help determine if they are unhealthy because of being underweight. There are many reasons behind an individual being underweight- genetics causes, fast metabolism, not eating proper meals or skipping them etc. Such individuals can develop health conditions like Osteoporosis, heart issues, lower immunity, irregular periods in women etc. After BMI determination, underweight individuals can seek medical assistance for attaining the right values.
  5. Ideal for both men and women- Wold Health Organisation recommends BMI for fairly measuring body fat irrespective of gender. All doctors note down the weight and height of an individual before beginning a check-up for BMI calculation. Even though this calculation is good for children, the chart is different for them.


The online BMI calculator from 5paisa is an automated tool that Can give swift results. Calculations don’t require any manual effort and can give fair values for determining if a person is underweight, normal or obese. BMI may not be completely accurate and is thus not used for diagnostic reasons, But it still helps in making valuable deductions.

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