The guide to choosing the right car seat covers

right car seat covers

Today, the automotive industry is constantly evolving and innovating. One of the consequences of this development: the ability to customize cars. Indeed, motorists tend to customize their cars in order to give them a better look or simply to improve their comfort. Such operations pass through the passenger compartment of the vehicle and extend to the other components of the latter. In this sense, the use of seat covers , also called seat covers , is one of the simplest and most visible modifications. It can be used for various reasons and for different purposes. To choose the right seat cover, here are some useful concepts.

Choosing the right car seat covers

Seat covers are accessories that are installed in the car and whose mission is to protect the seats of the vehicle, and to offer a certain comfort to users. For many motorists, the use of seat protection is optional. The role played by these seat covers may not seem very useful, compared to the steering wheel cover, but it is no less important.

What use for your car?

car seat coverWe don’t necessarily pay attention to it, but seat covers play an important role in the vehicle. Like steering wheel covers, their primary role is to protect. In the case of car seat covers, these are used to protect the car seats against all dirt, small stains, possible animal hair, or even wear and tear. They thus make it possible to always maintain its original seats intact while maintaining a healthy and elegant interior. This greatly helps when reselling your vehicle.

They can also be used if the original seats are seriously damaged. They will give your damaged seats a new look while hiding the various imperfections; so you don’t have to change all the seats in the car.

However, they are also used as accessories for tuning or personalizing the interior of the vehicle. Obviously, there are cases where the basic color of the seats of your new car does not meet your tastes. In these cases, the use of a seat cover, whatever its material, allows you to remedy this while protecting them from any possible wear and tear.

The different types of seat covers

There are generally three types of seat covers on the market: fabric seat covers, leather seat covers and custom seat covers.

Fabric seat covers

fabric car seat coverThese are universal car seat cover models . These are considered the cheapest on the market and exist in several colors and textiles. They allow you to protect your seats at a lower cost. There are a variety of models of fabric seat covers on the market. The most common models are those made of polyester, nylon and canvas.

Even though this type of seat covers are less expensive than others, they also offer very resistant fabric-based models. Apart from the three materials mentioned above, there are models in much more exotic fabrics such as denim or corduroy. These models are used to give the passenger compartment an unusual aesthetic aspect. But none of these materials is more effective than leather in terms of durability, maintenance and seat protection.

Leather seat covers

leather car seat coverGoing for genuine leather seat covers is the best bet if your budget allows. They are generally offered in black or brown, but it is possible to find them in brighter colors (red and blue).

The main feature of leather seat covers is their durability . In addition, their maintenance is easier than the majority of seat covers. When, despite all your precautions, your seats with leather covers break or become stained, you will need to look for specialized cleaning products or call a professional. Leather seat covers are much more expensive than fabric covers, but they preserve and even increase the value of the vehicle in the event of resale.

Tailor-made seat covers

custom car seat coverThis third type of seat covers offers both good protection, a touch of luxury and a look that suits your tastes. This kind of covers are generally offered at high prices. One of the great things about the custom car seat cover is that it greatly expands the options when it comes to customization.

You will have the choice between fabric and leather, as well as a wide range of colors, textures and patterns. There are also covers specially designed for pets (such as dogs, cats, etc.), or children. It all depends on the budget you are ready to allocate and your imagination.

How to choose the right seat covers

Car seat covers are not all alike. There are several types, and choosing the ideal one for your car is not as easy an operation as it seems at first glance. Considering their properties, custom car seat covers can be considered the best seat protection option. They adapt entirely to your passenger compartment because they are designed taking into account the exact dimensions of your seats. But, because of their prices, they are not accessible to everyone.

No matter which seat cover you choose, you should consider the make, model and year of your car before choosing it. In addition, the choice of your seat covers depends on your preferences and tastes. You can also contact the official equipment suppliers of your car’s brand to be helped by a professional for the choice of your seat cover.

Tips for using seat covers

Whatever material the seat covers are made of, they need to be cared for to keep them looking good. You must also respect the measurements of your vehicle’s seats when installing and storing your seat covers.

How to maintain your seat covers?

car seat cover maintenanceCaring for seat covers varies depending on the type chosen. So, if you use polyester or fabric seat covers, use an injector-extraction car vacuum cleaner for their maintenance. It allows you to apply a detergent product adapted to the fabric to remove stains. Cleaning is then done in three steps:

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