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online courses

With technological advances and our accelerating lifestyles, education and training methods have evolved a lot , especially in recent years. Indeed, our needs change and nowadays, it is very common to wish to retrain, become more independent, or even reconcile family life with training. To meet this growing demand, more and more distance learning tools have been developed and are now available to everyone to be able to train at their own pace.

So, if you have academic difficulties, you want to specialize in a field where you train with a view to retraining, the solution of online courses is ideal for you! Here are the different training tools available on the Internet!

video learning

If video hosting websites, such as Youtube, are so popular today, it is because information is better integrated when it is captured in the form of a video than on a simple paper format.

Indeed, it has been proven that the video would allow, to a certain extent, to better learn . Thanks to sounds, images and the dynamic aspect, the brain memorizes the information delivered faster and more durably.

For this reason, it may be interesting to take a look at sites such as Youtube. They are indeed full of instructional videos of all kinds . There is something for all tastes, all levels and on absolutely all subjects.

You have a gap in one of your mathematics chapters but do not think it is worth taking a private tutor at home. Watch an explanatory video on the Internet. There are a lot of very brief and synthetic ones , dealing with what you are looking for and are often to the point.

The big advantage of learning is the cost because the majority of these websites, such as EUscreen or FranceTVeducation offer free content , so it is affordable by everyone and very easy to access.

However, the downside with this system is that there is no customization and interaction with the student , which may not be suitable for everyone.

The term MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses or Massive Open Online Courses in French. MOOCs designate one of the online training courses delivered by recognized universities, open to all and free or at very low cost (generally around 40€/month).

The particularity of these courses is that they are often offered by prestigious Grandes Ecoles or universities. Hence their excellent reputation. Even without having set foot at ESSEC or the University of Cambridge, you can follow a MOOC from these institutes. In addition to the quality of teaching, you benefit from a certifying training at the end of the MOOC .

Unlike instructional videos, there’s real engagement when you get started . Indeed we register for a module which will last for a defined period, between 2 weeks and 6 months. Each chapter is produced in the form of videos, with PowerPoint, Pdf or Excel media depending on the subject. Homework is requested in order to enhance the student’s work. Indeed, the students are followed by a mentor and the courses are based on various digital tools in order to make the learning interactive and human.

The flexibility of this system varies according to the platform, but leaves much more freedom than a classic training. Indeed, it is possible to adjust your working hours but some assess their students on a regular basis with deadlines to respect. This is intended to punctuate the courses and to supervise the students.

Finally, it is possible to acquire all kinds of knowledge through MOOCs. This can range from secondary education, political science, accounting or design. On platforms like Coursera or OpenClassroom , you can even train in the creation of start-ups, for example.

Remote specific neck platforms

If you want direct contact with the teacher , then online private lessons may be what you need. There are many online course platforms whose purpose is to connect students with teachers for courses on a wide variety of subjects.

With Classgap , all you have to do is register on the platform and several teachers of the subject you want to work on will be offered to you. Prices may vary as teachers set their prices.

The advantage of this system is that you pay the teacher but you are not obliged to commit yourself for a fixed period. If the teacher does not suit you or your training is over, then you can stop or change teachers. It is very flexible and adapts very well to everyone’s needs .

In addition, the fact of being in contact with the teacher during the lessons, through the virtual classroom , allows an interactive exchange, which makes the lesson human and dynamic . Indeed, a real relationship is created between the student and his teacher, which allows the latter to better understand the expectations and objectives of the student. Personalization of training is very important.

Free Educational Apps

Finally, the last alternative you have to train online is free sites. Applications like Duolingo can be a good alternative for distance learning if you need support in a subject but do not feel the need to hire a private teacher or if you cannot afford it. Indeed, all you have to do is register to access all the content of the programs for each year up to the baccalaureate, very regularly updated.

Thus thanks to diagrams and simple explanations or activities , one can have a complement of what is seen in class, explained in another way and with another point of view. Exercises and corrections are also made available to the student to help him in his learning.

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